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natural ciders from organic fruit
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Our history

We are Livio, Nicolò and Elia and we were born and raised in a land rich in apples! These apples are destined for sale in supermarkets all over the world, but in this way, they lose the link with their territory of origin.

We want to rebuild this link. How? Fermenting them just a few kilometers from the tree that saw them grow and transforming them into sincere and territorial ciders.

Sidreria Craveri & Lamberti cider bottles Arvirá and Randevù

Our ciders

Arvirá: classic method sparkling wine made with apples only. 20 months of aging on the lees. Naturally dry.

Randevú: refermented in the bottle with the addition of Aromatic grape must. The cider meets the wine in two spontaneous fermentations. Zero added sulphites.

Sidreria Craveri Lamberti Randevù wine

The RV project

Randevù started the hybridizations at Sidreria C&L and it is from him that the RV line was born.

The RVs are the encounter between the apple and the other fruits grown in our area.

Dry ciders, refermented in the bottle, excellent allies to fight thirst!

Present and Future

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